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HeLL YEaH bIatCH!!! | jUsT cHiLl'n... | sPEcIaL GrAduAtiOn | SkEWL..! | Share Your Memories
KeNnY's SaJiN's...

wE aRe pOsSe...

tHe AzN pOSSe bIATcH!!

f*cK yeAh wE hAd GOOD tImEs!! f@ck yOu SunGjIn Lee(dAh biatCh whO wrOtE on tHe exOniaN artIcLE)!!!!!!

gOOd bYe sEnIoRs!~

siGn mAh GEUesT bOoK!
WhAT dO you tHInk?

Dancing teenagers; Actual size=180 pixels wide

tOp: Bo ZNAM, SeaN WiLLis, aRaN Ro, f&cK'n PrEp, dAn Cho, KeNnY fArt(me)liTTlE fARt, AnOthEr pReP, AlAn FaRt
bOtToM: jAsOn WantOn, FrAnKie Lo, ByRodIni, LaUrEnCe HobOy8
bITchEs Are oN tHe sIDe... yeaH


f~cKn sIgn my sHIt!

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